Boaz Sides, aka UNTAY, is a multidisciplinary visual artist, based in Tel Aviv & Budapest, working worldwide.

Sides began his professional artistic path by painting on the streets of Tel Aviv after graduating with a B.Des from the visual communications program at HIT. In the past decade, he had broadened his oeuvre to include a variety of street and studio works, tattoos, as well as curatorial work and the production of alternative, independent art events and exhibitions.

Sides's works can be regarded as a visual diary which develops over time and is affected by personal and mundane experiences. Raw, exposed everyday encounters with images, people, music, human faces, and nature are all the sources of his work. Most of his creative process is generated by curiosity and the urge to explore which is translated visually into artworks that usually include figurative and abstract elements with a sketchy style.

As an artist, Sides is drawn to the imperfect – the errors, the attempts, and the process instead of the final outcome. His works are characterized by deconstructed figures, stains and free drawings, as he aspires to maintain a visual language which is rough and unfinished and thus unique. Hands, facial features, eyes and noses appear frequently in his oeuvre. These are familiar, tangible elements that generate a sensation of intimacy and touch. Sides addresses these easily-identified elements open-mindedly, leaving room for the spectators to imagine and reconstruct the images themselves by carefully balancing the figurative and abstract. Like so, Sides creates a personal artistic language that is approachable and that places emphasis on instinctive connections and associations that are greatly based on his use of sketching, movement and the "dirty" leftovers of marking and erasing. The viewers are encouraged to interpret the works, enter the mind of their creator and wander around as they please.

Boaz Sides has exhibited in many locations, including galleries, festivals and various art events around the world, including Paris, London, Vienna, Lodz, Lisbon, Prague, Bayonne and more.  As a curator and producer, he organized and conceptualized over 20 exhibitions which featured more than 50 artists from all over the world.


2022 - 'Calle Libre' street-art festival, Vienna, Austria
2022 - Murals intervention, Bat-Yam, Israel ,Curator - Hila Cohen Schniderman
2021 - "DIMMER", Design Terminal, Bat-Yam, Israel, Curator - Darya Aloufy (Solo exhibition)
2018 - Fresh Paint Art fair, Murals intervention, Expo, Tel Aviv, Israel 
2018 - Points de Vue murals festival, Bayonne, France
2018 - Gallery -430 Murals project, Kalya beach, Dead sea, Israel
2014 - 2018 - Co Founder of Prettimess collective. Curation, participating & production of 25 independent exhibitions and events in Israel & overseas.
2017 - "Pretty-Mess", Beit Hair museum, Tel Aviv, Israel, Curator - Ayelet Bitan Shlonsky (Group exhibition)
2017 - Arte Publica murals festival, Loures, Portugal
2016 - Urban Forms Murals project, Lodz, Poland
2016 - Arte Publica murals festival, Loures, Portugal
2015 - "Do Not Disturb", Inoperable Gallery, Vienna, Austria, Curator - Nicholas Platzer (Group exhibition)
2015 - Manufactor111 gallery, Paris, France, Curator - Alla Goldstein (Group exhibition)
2014 - "Black Sheep", Meshuna gallery, Tel Aviv, Israel, Curator - Anton Avramov & Oren Fischer (Duo exhibition)
2013 - "Wake Up" , Hakir Bahashmal gallery, Tel Aviv, Israel, Curator - Uri Yariv (Solo exhibition)
2013 - "Base Colors", Mural intervention, Qiryat Shemona, Israel, Curator - Oren Fischer (Group exhibition)

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